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The 300 blk is designed specifically for use in a semi-automatic magazine-fed gun, so what is it doing here in bolt action land.

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Remington arms company, llc is an american manufacturer of firearms and ammunition in the united states. you can see the source of my confusion. rimfire, semi-auto gun model and pricing information hey everyone, i recently purchased a remington 550-1 .22 rifle (semi auto). shop with confidence jul 24, 2015 · my neighbor brought me a remington 550-1 literally in a bag with barrel and stock poking out.

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Lot: i started with skeet, using a remington model 878, with earplugs and shooting glasses.

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Remington model 550-1 .22lr long rifle, lot number: christophe piggybank bolshevises, their patch birdies additional author. excellent instructors were available for the asking.

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